About us

AATS is an association that promotes technical sciences, furthers education and develops student projects. Through the work and participation members apply and upgrade theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies and acquire new knowledge and skills in the areas of technical and economic professions. The association operates at the University of Rijeka, and consists of members from the Technical, Maritime, Economics and Polytechnic Faculty. The work of the association includes university professors and assistants, and external associates from the engineering profession. The association was founded in October 2018 by students of the University of Rijeka. Some of the association members participated in the design and construction of a vessel for the HydroContest international competition.

All projects of the association are based on modern technologies and innovative approach to problem solving, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and engineering ethics. The work in the association is of voluntary nature and the projects are funded from membership fees, private sponsorship and donations.

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