RC Sailing team

“International One Meter Class”

Glass hulls, carbon foils, and alloy spars
Hull length: 1 metre
Displacement: 4 kgs
Draught: 420 mm
Sail area: 0.6 m²

The International One Metre (IOM) is the most popular RC racing yacht in the world and is raced in over 30 countries.
The class was created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo aided by Graham Bantock and the Technical Committee of the IMYRU (predecessor of IRSA). It has continued to grow steadily since its creation.
Although carbon fiber is allowed in the construction of the fin and rudder, the construction of the hull must be of either wood or glass fiber. Spars shall be of alloy or timber and the sails are to 'One Design' sizes.
The number of rigs is limited to three. This makes the class very popular for amateur builders and many designers have plans for competitive boats. Builders who can supply kits for home completion or completed boats are plentiful.