Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


The competition is held in the Principality of Monaco under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Hydros Foundation and the International Powerboating Foundation and numerous other sponsors. The competition brings together experts from the field of technical sciences who design and build vessels of the future powered by renewable sources according to technical rules. Development and innovation in nautical and marine technology is encouraged and the importance of environmental protection is emphasized. The goal of the competition is to develop new forms of vessels, the development of hydrofoil technology and alternative propulsion systems, using exclusively ecological energy sources to power the vessels of the future. The competition takes place in three classes, Energy, Solar and Open, and is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the development of energy-sustainable vessels. The competition has been held since 2014 with students and engineers from various universities around the world, as well as associations and private companies. Design requirements and limitations are given in detailed technical rules.